20 November 2019, Name-day for Edyta, Edmund, Anatol. Anniversaries.

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Computer programs (also software programs, or just programs) are instructions for a computer. A computer requires programs to function. Moreover, a computer program does not run unless its instructions are executed by a central processor; however, a program may communicate an algorithm to people without running. Computer programs are usually executable programs or the source code from which executable programs are derived (e.g., compiled).

Computer source code is often written by professional computer programmers. Source code is written in a programming language that usually follows one of two main paradigms: imperative or declarative programming. Source code may be converted into an executable file (sometimes called an executable program or a binary) by a compiler. Alternatively, computer programs may be executed by a central processing unit with the aid of an interpreter, or may be embedded directly into hardware.

In our "offer" you'll find (as yet) a few programs and one game. So far, this game and all programs are available on the freeware license (note: this is not a license, the license of each program should be read separately), at least for domestic use. For commercial uses may be different.

We are here, welcome to any proposals for changes and improvements in the programs contained here - although we do not guarantee that it will introduce soon. Even tell that we believe this to be rather unlikely ... ;)