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Welcome warmly in the information about this page - here you'll find a list of recommendations and requests on your computer browser, color depth and in the end - resolution. Of course you can have this information very deep... but it's only the gentle suggestions.

Internet browser

Well, this is undoubtedly long story. But here, fortunately, does not discuss the superiority of one above the other, only recommendations. Party tested in the following browsers: Internet Explorer 7/8, Opera 9 and Firefox 2. Of course, you may find that the page is completely readable in other browsers - would be good for us :) But these three gets more than ninety percent of the market (although in the case of a party hard at home to talk about the market...) so we will not worry. Users of other browsers - excuse us.

Screen resolution

The screen resolution is not the most important feature, since each of the restriction can be circumvented using the scroll bars that appear on the screen when the page is on it does not fit. It is so obvious like... simply inconvenient. While scrolling top-down is quite natural, the left-right not to finish. Therefore, we recommend the screen width of at least 1024 pixels. Summary Information: 1024x768 and above)

Color depth

The depth of color, which would be quite good, we define as 8-bit (256 colors). But this is not much sense in the pictures, so we recommend that emphasis with a large 24 or 32 bit color depth (16 million).


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